Tripe J Unearthed:

Sibling rivalry can go one of two ways; it can either be paralysing or it can be a catalyst to greatness. For indie pop Brisbane band Sheppard, it was a rivalry that sparked the formation of a group like no other. Born from a strong family foundation; George, Amy and Emma Sheppard perform with a desire to artistically and creatively express their take on the world and to engage the youth that live within it. The family holds a strong bond to Papua New Guinea, where the Sheppard siblings grew up. It was after relocating to Australia that they discovered their unique musical talent and ability to play a variety of musical instruments. It wasn’t long until the family discovered the many talents of Sydney musician/songwriter/videographer Jason Bovino. Jay was quickly recruited as a valuable member of the Sheppard team. The group soon grew to a gang of six when they saw great potential in guitarist Michael Butler and drummer Dean Gordon. Sheppard have amassed a strong international following and are constantly developing their local presence, infiltrating the music scene with their alternative indie pop sound and youthful vulnerability. To date they have written and produced over 30 tracks, with their debut EP reaching platinum status, complemented also by an ARIA nomination for Best Independent Release. They expect to release their debut album in the first half of 2014. Sheppard. Six big kids in one creative family, bound by the love they have for music.

Vocals: George Sheppard and Amy Sheppard
Piano: George Sheppard
Bass: Emma Sheppard
Guitar: Jason Bovino and Michael Butler
Drums: Dean Gordon

All songs written by G.Sheppard, A.Sheppard, J.Bovino

From Sheppard’s Facebook page

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